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Financial Services

Of course we collect rent! But we do a lot more than that.

We take our fiduciary duty extremely seriously.  From the very start, we have maintained separate accounts for everything and we take great care in our bookkeeping.  In fact, on a quarterly basis we have an outside accounting service check our books to make sure everything is correct.

We pay any bills for you related to the property.  We purchase supplies and pay vendors. 

Our accounting cycle runs from the 16th of the month to the 15th of the month and proceeds are transferred electronically to your account by the 15th. 

Our books are always available and as an owner, you have access to your account any time you wish.  You receive a monthly statement with your payment on the 15th and we provide end of year reports for tax purposes.

In short, we take good care of your property so you can relax and know that everything is done the way it should be done.